If you are wanting to start living a more natural non toxic lifestyle and experience the magic these natural products offer I can show you how!  Whether you are new to Essential Oils, already using or perhaps considering starting an Essential Oil business then you are in the right place!

I have put together some information on the ways you can incorperate Essential Oils into your life so you can choose which path is right for you.  No matter what you choose I will be here to help along the way.  You can be certain you are getting the highest quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils as that is all I use or would recommend.   

If you would simply like to purchase oils at retail pricing you can get started here!

Want to use Essential Oils but enjoy at a discounted price?

My best advice is to become a Wholesale Customer and save 25% off retail pricing.  You also earn up to 30% back which can be used for free product.  You receive your shipping cost back in points for free product, and also have access to the monthly product discounts and free products.  There is NO obligation to order every month.  Just enjoy the benefits of high quality oils at a discounted price.

To become a Wholesale Customer you simply pay a one time fee of $35.00 (which you will more than earn back with your discount).  There are also lots of great kits available and when you choose one the membership fee is waived.

Upon becoming a Wholesale Customer the yearly renewal fee for the membership is $25.00 and upon renewal you will receive a free Peppermint Oil which is valued at $27.33.  Again there is NO monthly obligation to order and to renew.  Although once you experience the magic of oils I'm sure you will want to!

To get started with a Wholesale Customer account click here.

If you need assistance myself or support is just a click away!

Do you want to help people be healthier and share the love?  I'd like to invite you to Join My Team!

Joining my Wellness Advocate Team gives you everything you need to build a business that you are super passionate about!  My team receives extensive training and mentoring from the best in the industry and me!

Becoming a  Wellness Advocate you receive all the perks a Wholesale Customer receives. Plus you get a personal website, bonuses and compensation.  You get loads of support and education to set you up for success!



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