Virtual Body & Vibration Group Sessions

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Virtual Body & Vibration Group Sessions


Not everyone can go from the activity of the day and immediately into a still meditation practice.

Gentle movements such as basic yoga postures, Qi Gong, Tai Chi or even dancing may be used to unwind the body before settling into a much more comfortable meditation.

Then to slow down the mind, it must be given something to do. Sounds and vibrations used in the forms of mantras (tools for the mind) are given and repeated silently or aloud to quiet the thoughts, thereby leaving a much longer lasting sense of peace and quiet.

*Recommended to bring a yoga matt and/or cushion and a light blanket:)

Investment $20.00 ***group rate

1:1 Sessions available


*This class requires a minimum of 8 participants  - you will be notified 48 hours in advance if there are any changes.

Classes and Workshops offer a wide variety of meditation styles, with one common objective: creating an experience that reduces stress and increases overall happiness.

We encourage our visitors to choose their class based on their intention for coming. That is, “what type of experience are you looking for, or, what do you feel that you most need right now?” 

If you need assistance in selecting a class, feel free to email


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