Hi! I am Tarah (a.k.a) Juice!  Juice has been my nickname for as long as I can remember.  I am a wife and mother of three amazing kids that keep me busy, inspired, and determined to live a life with joy, adventure and unconditional love.  I LOVE the beach!  I am a total water girl!

I was born into a loving but very busy family.  My parents always worked, in addition owned multiple businesses with their goal to provide the best life possible for us.  I was taught to work hard at a young age and am grateful for all that I learned. It's no wonder today that my parents say that I don't do anything in moderation!

I would call myself a student of life, studying all things that interest me.  Once I was free to go out into the world on my own, I knew I needed to find my own path.  I studied and practiced as a registered massage therapist, and soon after got married and built our first house.  I designed and did the majority of the work with the guidance of my father who had a home renovation and electrical company. I was proud of what I achieved and was capable of, this sparked my entrepreneurial bug.

At the age of 21, I found an old dated barber shop in a great location and decided to take on the project and transform it into a modern day salon and spa.  I spent the next few years learning about business and how to grow and market it, but ultimately this is where my journey of holistic living and how natural methods were helping so many of my clients really began.

I've always been a creative and visual person, designing spaces, photo styling, as far back as I can remember. ( Haha - I have my childhood project photos to prove it! LOL) After selling the business to be home with my babies (twin girls) I got into multiple home builds and several renovation projects, (add in my son) then went back to school to study interior design, branding, and more recently photography.


I have always loved to cook!  I spent many years in the kitchen exploring my creativity. Not to long ago, I had a major "health hiccup",  which embarked a self discovery journey to dive deep into how to live more in tune with nature.  I love to re-create classic family recipes and new ones from a more natural, whole foods approach.

Through this journey Essential Oils became a huge part of my life!  We use them on a daily basis,  whether for emotional wellbeing, natural immune support, in recipes, and overall wellness, these natural plant extracts are magical and I love to share how useful they are! 

Meditation and Mindfulness practices also became a part of my life, I believe in the power and impact these tools have on our well-being, so much so, I again, went back to school so I could learn and share the science and philosophy behind these practices.  As moms I feel we are always looking for a sense of balance and a way to bring more ease and flow into each day, and that we all deserve to live our best juiciest lifestyle however that looks to each of us!


Juice - xoxo






Lifestyle Meditation Certified Teacher

Interior Design - The Interior Design Institute 

Business Branding - The Interior Design Institute

Photography - The Burwell School of Photography

Massage Therapy - The Alberta Institute of Massage Therapy