Design Your Beautiful Healthy Life


Juicy Wellness

Juicy wellness is a place of bliss, when you feel energized, rested and strong.  The food you fuel your body temple with and the thoughts you fill your mind with matter!


Juicy Interiors

Your living space is so important!  It should feel like a space that energizes, calms and fuels you.  A space that's perfectly, imperfectly you!  


Essential Oils

Essential oils date back to ancient times.  They embody the regenerating, protective and immune strengthening properties of plants.  We use them for a variety of things like emotional health, immune health, energy, vitality, and non toxic household cleaning. 


“One of the things I love most about Tarah is her sincere desire to help others.  The knowledge she has about healthy eating and the recipes she has shared with me have really helped get my diet on track and are so very delicious!  She has also introduced me to essential oils and I've found them to help in so many ways from immune health to countertop cleaners.” Brenda Kohut R.Ac, D.Ac, CST 

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