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Juicy Living is a place of bliss, when you feel calm, energized and inspired! Learn more about your relationship with stress and how to use meditation as a tool to navigate our busy lives. Classes and Workshops available NOW!


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Your living space is so important!  It should be your sanctuary that you can't wait to come back to and love every bit of!


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“It's hard for me to even put into words how amazing and in tune Tarah is during her meditations. I have never been able to truly get into a meditative state. It wasn't for lack of trying but for some reason I could never release my mind enough to get there. My very first meditation with Tarah I was able not only actually achieve that but I had the most peaceful out of body experience. She has a way of calming your soul and letting all the noise of the outside world fade away. It was really an awesome experience and one I can't wait to do more of. If you're like me and know meditation would help your mind, body, and soul but haven't been able to experience it then try working with will be life changing!!!” Megan Chytraus Alvarado ~Confetti + Co


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