Essential Oils and Emotions...

Ever have one of those days where the kids are cranky, you have a huge headache and your husband is driving you crazy?!  I think as moms from time to time we all have those moments!  

Imagine if you had a magical solution to bring calm and joy back into your home that was really quick and simple... Well there is!  I have been using Essential Oils for several years now and have experienced the benefits that they have to offer.  

Now I will tell you in full transparency my husband was quite skeptical at first.  However, over time he himself witnessed the positive effect that Essential Oils have had on our children, myself, and well, now him too!  

I started more so using them when the kids were "wound up" and didn't want to go to bed.  I would simply choose an oil that was meant to help calm them down, I found within a short period of time they would settle down and fall asleep with ease.  

As I began to learn more and more about oils and use them on a regular basis, I found how essential they really were in our day to day life.  In a perfect world we would all get the proper amount of sleep and just be happy all the time.  For the most part I'd say we are, but there is so much more to the oils than just that.  As I write this post it's later in the evening, I'm using some InTune - Why?  It helps me stay focused!  Occasionally when I don't get enough sleep I'll put on or diffuse some Wild Orange mixed with Peppermint and it gives me a boost of uplifting energy!

It doesn't matter what the emotion is, my husband laughs and will tell you, "I have an oil for that!".  There's even an oil called "Forgive" on those occasional days when it might be needed!  LOL!  In all seriousness they are a wonderful natural way to enhance our emotions in a holistic and positive way that's safe and effective!

Have you tried Essential oils?