Designing a Family Friendly Home

Managing a home that is inviting and kid-friendly isn't always that easy.  Kids are full of energy and would more often than not prefer to play and have fun versus keeping things tidy!  I have experienced this first hand.  However, there are systems that can be put into place so that your space can still feel "grown up" and beautiful, while being kid-friendly!

Nowadays open floor plans are much more common.  This is where thought and planning of storage and the layout of your home becomes essential.  It doesn't need to be plain and boring, this is where you can be creative!

Define some designated places in your home that's simple and easy for kids to put their belongings.  Using a bench with some pull-out bins in the entry for kids to tuck away their mitts, toques, sun hats (etc) and some hooks for coats and backpacks at a child-friendly height makes it easier for them to get in the habit of putting away their belongings and accessing them when needed.

Having lots of seating so that kids have space to spread out and ensure there is enough room when friends come over to play and hang out is something to take into consideration.  Bean bag chairs can easily be moved to various locations, ottomans can be multi purposed as seating or to put your feet up and can also be used with a serving tray as a coffee table.   Sectionals take up less space and generally provide lots of seating and room for kids to spread out and be comfortable for naps, movies and such. 

Choose upholstery that will stand up to the abuse that kids can dish out, as well as accidental spills - IT HAPPENS!  Choose durable fabrics that are washable.  Slip covers that can easily be removed and cleaned.  Leather is simple to wipe up.  

When choosing carpet or area rugs within a home, look for one that can take on high traffic.  Outdoor area rugs should also be considered to use indoors, they are much easier to clean and there are plenty of stylish ones available in todays market, they are generally more cost effective as well. 

When designing your child's bedroom think outside the box!  What activities or interests does your child have?  Creating a space that is not only functional but is reflective of them will more likely want them to keep it neat and tidy!

Choose a separate room or space to designate for play and creativity.  Keeping toys with storage solutions in one space will help to keep extra things out of their rooms and prevent it from being scattered all over the house.  Framing their artwork to hang in the space is cost effective and gives them a sense of pride that their work and creativity is important.  Even places such as the dollar store has budget friendly options so the investment is minimal.  It's also easy to change as they grow!

When we take our children into consideration when designing a space it ensures that us mama's (and the family) will have a beautiful, organized environment and will help to keep OUT the chaos so we can enjoy the beauty and tranquility in a easier way than most might think.

What areas in your home could be addressed to be more functional?