Local Organic Food Sourcing

Being a busy mom on the go, I have found using a local organic food delivery service to be the best, least time consuming option.  I like to get my food fresh and support local farming that engages in practices that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  My kids and future grandkids need us to all do our part to ensure they have those options available to them.  Lets face it, our soil has become depleted of nutrients due to the chemicals, pesticides and toxins that are in our environment.  

Living up here in not the warmest part of Canada year round, our growing season isn’t as long as I would prefer.  Although I like to grow my own food in the summer, it isn’t long enough to produce a huge variety of produce not to mention the time involved - I am a busy mom and food preparation takes time. 

I love that I can just go right online and select my fresh fruits and vegetables, they have already taken the time to research the farmers and their farming practices.  It tells me how far my food has travelled, where it is from, and they only offer products that they feel meet their standards.  So that takes time off my plate in not having to do all that research!!  Best part is - it gets delivered right to my door!  No driving to more than one place to get the ingredients that I need, it allows me to plan my meals for the week easier.  I can plan my meals and shop seasonally to keep my costs down - bottom line, it saves this busy mom time that can be spent on more important things than running around.

My kids get totally excited when our organic box arrives... they love to help take out the food, touch it, see it, and help to put away.  I feel like when they get to do this they appreciate the knowledge of where their food has come from, and more easily engage in trying new foods.  To save time, I like to wash, chop, then store my veggies in glass dishes so its easier for me throughout the week when I want to make a juice or anything else I have planned!

Do you think this might save you some time?